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Robert S. Lancaster, our valued friend and outspoken skeptic, has suffered a stroke and is currently hospitalized. Updates on his condition are available here.

While his family struggles through this difficult time, many of us may wonder if there is something more we can do. Those of us who have been affected by Robert may have never actually met him - may only know him through his great work with and
The unfortunate distance between us leaves us feeling helpless - but there is something more we can do.
A fund has been set up for Robert Lancaster to defray the cost of his medical expenses, and to ensure that his family does not have to move from his bedside during this ordeal. ** Note: As of Tuesday, 2 December 2008, the fund is additionally being used to purchase a van with wheelchair accessibility.
If you can, please click the Paypal button at the bottom of this page and donate to Robert Lancaster, whose kindness and gentleness and search for the truth make us all better people for knowing him.


Help defray the cost, and donate to Robert.


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